What Do Firefighters Do When There Is No Fire?

Firefighters are the ones that answer the emergency calls of fire, and they’re in charge of safely putting the fires out, and making sure everyone is able to be safe. They face some pretty serious and dangerous situations sometimes, rushing headfirst into the danger in order to save as many lives as possible, real-life heroes.  … Read more

Why Do Firefighters Have To Shave?

Beards and facial hair are certainly a modern day fashion statement. Some years ago they may have been viewed as scruffy or made you look like a ‘hippie’, but nowadays, they’re all the rage. However, today, there are still some careers where the clean-shaven look is an expectation, and you can’t get away with having … Read more

The Symbolism of Fire With Examples

What does fire symbolize? Fire gives off light and heat, but it is also a destructive force and can be quite terrifying. It gives life and produces death, and it serves to heal and to torture. There are different forms of fire. It is also a source of energy, source of warmth, life force, generative … Read more