How Do I Find The Closest Fire Hydrant?

When firefighters are called out to action, to battle a raging fire, they will often rely on the nearest fire hydrant in order to have a good supply of water. There are usually fire hydrants to be found all around cities and towns, and there are more than you might think, it’s just that sometimes … Read more

5 Best Wildland Firefighting Boots for 2021

Wildland firefighting is among the most harsh and physically demanding jobs you can do. To do it properly, you need the best equipment – and that includes your boots. But wildland firefighting also has particular challenges when it comes to finding the right pair of boots. For instance, most outside workers go immediately for steel … Read more

20 Best Fire Trucks In The World

I know what you’re thinking: ‘aren’t all fire trucks the same?’ Well, traditionally, firefighting vehicles seem to fit a particular look – bright red, very large with flashing lights. But, that’s not all they can look like. There are quite a few out there that broke the classic fire truck mold.  Basically, as long as … Read more

Can a Fire Marshal Arrest Someone?

Can Fire Marshal Arrest Someone?

Fire Marshals have lots of different roles and responsibilities with their position, but how far do these responsibilities go? Can a Fire Marshal arrest someone? Something that you might have wondered about is whether or not fire marshals have the ability to put someone under arrest. In this article, we are going to answer all … Read more

White Smoke VS Black Smoke 

White Smoke vs Black Smoke

Although smoke is highly dangerous, the color of smoke can help firefighters determine the source of the fire and potentially predict how the fire behaves next. When called to the scene of a fire, usually the Officer in charge of the scene will use the smoke color, density, speed and volume to locate the source … Read more

Can Firefighters Fill Up Your Pool?

Can Firefighters Fill Up Your Pool

Owning a swimming pool can be a wonderful experience, especially if you live in a country that is dominated by hot and sunny weather. Not only can your pool offer a respite from the heat, but it can also be used for keeping fit and hosting various parties. The only issue is that swimming pools … Read more

How High Do Fire Ladders Reach?

“How high do fire ladders reach?” is one of those questions in life which on a good day are pleasingly theoretical, like “How long is a piece of string?”. Even on really bad days though, you’re unlikely to depend on the answer to the piece of string question to save your life. But if the … Read more