How High Do Fire Ladders Reach?

“How high do fire ladders reach?” is one of those questions in life which on a good day are pleasingly theoretical, like “How long is a piece of string?”. Even on really bad days though, you’re unlikely to depend on the answer to the piece of string question to save your life. But if the … Read more

What Do Firefighters Do When There Is No Fire?

Firefighters are the ones that answer the emergency calls of fire, and they’re in charge of safely putting the fires out, and making sure everyone is able to be safe. They face some pretty serious and dangerous situations sometimes, rushing headfirst into the danger in order to save as many lives as possible, real-life heroes.  … Read more

Why Do Firefighters Have To Shave?

Beards and facial hair are certainly a modern day fashion statement. Some years ago they may have been viewed as scruffy or made you look like a ‘hippie’, but nowadays, they’re all the rage. However, today, there are still some careers where the clean-shaven look is an expectation, and you can’t get away with having … Read more

10 Best Fire Blankets for the Home 2023

A fire blanket is something every home should have, yet so many don’t. While we all tend to check our smoke alarms are working – at least every now and then when we remember – many of us have not got around to buying a fire-safe blanket. Why would we need one? Well, any consumer … Read more