Can Firefighters Fill Up Your Pool?

Owning a swimming pool can be a wonderful experience, especially if you live in a country that is dominated by hot and sunny weather.

Not only can your pool offer a respite from the heat, but it can also be used for keeping fit and hosting various parties.

The only issue is that swimming pools can be hard to take care of and they can be even harder to fill up if your pool is still new and empty. When faced with a bottomless pit in your backyard, you’re going to start asking people for some assistance. 

And who are the only people in the operation of high-pressure hoses? Well, firefighters of course.

But are you allowed to ask firefighters to fill up your pool? And are they even allowed to do it after you’ve asked politely? 

To answer these questions, we have gathered some interesting information regarding firefighters and their ability to fill up swimming pools. Here you will find everything you need to know about the process and if it can be executed. 

Can Firefighters Fill Up Your Pool?

The short and simple answer to this question is yes, firefighters are perfectly capable of filling up your pool with a hose. However, this does not mean that they will fill up your pool after you have asked them. 

Although there have been some instances where the fire department has filled up a person’s pool – these cases are considered rare and usually depend on numerous factors.

In most circumstances, the fire department will react negatively to this suggestion and will usually turn you away. 

But please do not be offended or taken aback, as firefighters will often have very sound reasons for denying your idea. And we have listed some of these reasons down below to help you understand the fire department’s viewpoint. 

Why Firefighters Will Not Fill Up Your Pool

It Can Waste Their Time

Firefighters work in a very stressful and fast-paced environment and sometimes they just don’t have the downtime to spend their days filling up your swimming pool. 

The various pieces of equipment that firefighters use are also very expensive to run and most fire departments will not want to waste their resources for your pleasure. 

They Are Needed Somewhere Else

Of course, the common reason why firefighters may not be able to fill up your pool is that they are busy doing their jobs. 

Firefighters are expected to work incredibly hard throughout the day, and so they may not get a quiet moment to go to your house and fill up your pool. 

Remember, the lives of others are more important than you getting your pool filled and the firefighters will always prioritize those in need or peril. 

It Can Set A Precedent

Another key reason why firefighters may be cautious to fill up your pool is because of the precedent that it could set. 

If firefighters filled up every empty swimming pool they encountered, they wouldn’t have the time or resources to save lives and stop fires. 

Although filling up the occasional pool can be fine, doing it too much could lead to the public seeing it as a service that only the fire department can provide.  

Why Firefighters May Fill Up Your Pool

Although firefighters filling up swimming pools is considered a rare occurrence, this doesn’t mean it can’t happen.

In some situations, firefighters will gladly fill up your pool, especially if they work in a city or area where they are greatly under-utilized.

In these cases, the fire department will usually charge for the service and use any money given to them to fund their work. The fire department will traditionally charge $200 per 7,000 gallons of water that has been pumped. 

This may sound like a small price, but please remember that 7,000 gallons of water is not enough to fill an average swimming pool. In fact, you will probably need around 30,000 gallons to fill your pool to a sufficient capacity. 

You also need to keep in mind that the fire department is the exception and not the norm. If you need to have your swimming pool filled, there are other companies that can provide that service. 

Things You Shouldn’t Do

Never Call 911 To Ask About Your Pool

If you want to fill up your swimming pool, then calling your local fire department is perfectly acceptable – as it never hurts to ask. 

However, you should never call 911 and bother the emergency department with your swimming pool troubles. 

This number is meant only for emergencies, and calling it for silly reasons could put other people’s lives at risk.

If you don’t have your local fire department’s number, then you should be able to find it online or in a phone book. 

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Never Fill Your Pool Using A Fire Hydrant

If your request is turned down by the fire department, then you may find yourself searching for a new way to fill your pool. 

Although numerous methods can be used to do this, you should never attempt to fill your pool using a fire hydrant. 

Fire hydrants are filled with highly pressurized water that is a lot harder to control than water that is being released from a hose. 

The pressure is also much greater and this could lead to damage and injury if you are not prepared. 

Fire hydrants are also very difficult to close after they have been opened. In fact, closing a fire hydrant is an acquired skill that is only taught to certain people. 

If you attempt to close a fire hydrant without knowing what you are doing, then you could risk bursting a pipe and causing excessive damage to your street. 

The pressure of the water could also injure passersby and lead you to be taken to court by the city. 

So please do not attempt to fill your pool using a hydrant, as it could leave you injured and charged as a criminal. 


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