Is Fiberglass Flammable?

Is Fiberglass Flammable

Inside: Fiberglass is one of the most widely used insulating materials in the world. But, is it flammable? Besides being an insulating material that is most commonly used in the construction of homes, fiberglass is also used to help insulate a variety of other buildings due to its extremely affordable price. Not only that, but … Read more

Is Antifreeze Flammable?

Is Antifreeze Flammable

Antifreeze is a liquid that is added to water in the engine cooling system, in order to lower the freezing point. This means water will not freeze and cause your card to choke and splutter. In cold conditions, the water does not freeze. Antifreeze is helpful for your car, but is a flammable liquid and … Read more

What Makes Something Flammable?

What Makes Something Flammable

When the titan Prometheus gave humanity the gift of fire, he knowingly handed us a double-edged sword that ensured we would always temper progress and knowledge with caution. Fire elevated mankind and allowed us to reach a plateau that put us on an equal footing with deities that we once worshipped, but in doing so … Read more

Is Ink Flammable? Can Ink Burn?

Is Ink Flammable

Inside: Is Ink flammable or a fire hazard? If you’ve ever wondered about the flammability of ink, we cover everything you need to know in this informative guide. Ink is one of the most underrated products that we tend to use throughout our lives. Whether it involves getting a new tattoo, printing off digital assignments … Read more

Is Transmission Fluid Flammable? At What Point Does it Ignite?

Is Transmission Fluid Flammable

Inside: When working with cars you may have wondered if transmission fluid is flammable? We discuss what you need to know about the flammability of transmission fluid. If you’re not a mechanic and you didn’t grow up around, or figure out how to rebuild, motors and transmissions while you were a teenager or in shop … Read more

Is Sugar Flammable?

Is Sugar Flammable

Sugar gets a bat rep for its role in our modern lives. It is famous for a wide array of health issues like diabetes, obesity and tooth decay – but could it be far more dangerous? Today, we’re going to take a sweet look at our dangerous friend for its role with fire. So, buy … Read more

Is Tar Flammable? Does It Catch on Fire?

Is tar flammable

When people talk about tar, they are usually referring to a black or dark brown viscous and nasty-looking slimy liquid that has a distinctly strong smell. And the reason for this is that there isn’t a single compound that is simply tar, tar can be made out of different things, and be present in different … Read more

Is Rubber Flammable? Why Is Burning Rubber So Dangerous?

Is Rubber Flammable

Rubber is one of the most widely used and relied upon materials in human society today. Whether it’s the tires on your car, the flooring at your local gym, or the marigold gloves hanging up in your kitchen, rubber is a part of our everyday lives in the modern world. Because rubber is present in … Read more

Is Nail Polish Remover Flammable?

Is Nail Polish Remover Flammable

If you have ever taken the time to painstakingly paint your nails, only to find the next second your careful brush strokes have accidentally transferred some of your colored polish onto your cuticles and the surrounding skin, you are definitely not alone!  Almost every single woman has used nail polish and nail polish remover at … Read more

Is Perfume Flammable? Can All Perfumes Catch Fire?

Is Perfume Flammable

Perfume is truly personal. The right fragrance can make us feel better, take us years back to a particular memory, or remind us of someone near and dear. Understandably, the perfume market is worth billions, as most people require various fragrances in their lives. Perfumes are transported from all over the world. Some prefer European … Read more