5 Best Firefighter Gloves for Personal Use [2024 Guide]

When it comes to firefighting, a lot of specialized gear and equipment are needed, along with the right clothing and accessories. After all, firemen are rushing into the fire, risking their lives in order to save others.

And if you are a firefighter, you will be given the appropriate equipment, certified, and tested. However, you might be wanting a pair of firefighter gloves, without being a firefighter yourself.

Perhaps you work with very hot materials or with fires in your workshop, or you want gloves that are as durable and resistant as possible, and firefighter gloves definitely sound like the ones to go for. 

If this is the case, then you will be needing the best possible firefighter gloves available on the market.

Which, keep in mind, might not be fully certified or official gloves for firefighting, and should not be used in that scenario. Instead, they will be useful for DIY jobs or other areas of work.  

To help you out, I’ve compiled my top five favorite firefighter gloves that are available on the market. They’re amazing for having a strong protective layer on your hands, for tougher and riskier jobs. 

Let’s get into it! 


5 Best Firefighter Gloves 2024

I’ve tried to include mostly NFPA certified firefighting gloves, so that they are officially approved by fire inspectors, and are therefore 100% safe.

However, it’s pretty hard to find these on the market, outside of fire departments, so not all of the gloves on this list are. However, those that aren’t certified are still pretty good gloves that you can use for similar jobs! 

But anyway, let’s get into it. Here are my top five firefighting gloves!

1. Dragon Fire Alpha X NFPA Firefighting Glove

Dragon Fire Alpha X NFPA Firefighting Glove (Large) 1 Glove Pair

The Dragon Fire Alpha X NFPA Firefighting Glove is right at the top of my list, and for good reason. It is by far the best structural firefighting glove available on today’s market, and I wholeheartedly recommend it as the number one top best option. 

It is made from highly durable cowhide leather, and it is also completely waterproof and resistant. Plus, as the name suggests, it is completely NFPA certified, meaning it is officially recognized as a safe pair of gloves in firefighting situations. 

One of the reasons why the Dragon Fire gloves are so durable is that they are reinforced in all the more vulnerable areas, as well as having a double stitched banding on the back of the knuckle area.

They also have added protection in the well of the thumb, which is where most gloves begin to break and come undone. These gloves even feature wear pads on the fingertips, minimizing the wear, so you’re guaranteed to use them for a very long time. 

These gloves are also incredibly comfortable to wear, and they allow for a great amount of dexterity, which most gloves tend to minimize. 

The Dragon Fire gloves are also puncture-resistant, and they feature an improved cut and tear strength. And a massive bonus is that they don’t have any added harmful chemical treatments, which are quite common in thermal protective barriers nowadays.

With superior build quality and the official certification, these gloves have all the proof they need to be considered the best! 


  • NFPA-certified, they meet the standard for fire fighting equipment
  • Full cowhide leather exterior
  • Reinforced in many different areas for added durability and resistance
  • No harmful chemical treatments 
  • Available in many different sizes 


  • The waterproof layer isn’t the best

2. Intra-FIT Structural Professional Firefighting Gloves

Intra-FIT Structural Firefighting Gloves, Professional Firefighter Gloves, Heat Resistance & Flame Resistance (Size: Large)

The Intra-FIT Structural Professional Firefighting Gloves are a very close second on my list of top picks, and you will soon understand why. These gloves are highly professional, and they tick a lot of the necessary boxes in order to be considered top firefighting gloves.

They are also available in a few different sizes and come in two very similar styles. 

These gloves are made of incredibly durable cowhide leather, making them highly resistant. They are also NFPA certified, so they meet the official standards for firefighting equipment, making them really safe. 

The Intra-FIT gloves feature a reinforced upper palm, to help increase durability and to provide a better resistance in that area. They also feature good wrist protection, and they are super easy to put on quickly thanks to the simple pull tabs.

The waterproofing layer is pretty good, and you are guaranteed to keep your hands dry while out in the open.

Some people claim that these gloves can feel a little loose, but if you choose the right size they should stay on without any issues, and they’re pretty comfortable to wear over long periods of time.

They could be a little more reinforced or padded, but overall, these are effective and safe, allowing you to perform a professional job. 


  • NFPA-certified, they meet the standard for fire fighting equipment
  • Full cowhide leather exterior
  • Excellent sizing guide to help you find the best fit
  • Effective waterproof layer to keep your hands dry
  • They feature simple pull tabs to put them on easy and fast


  • More reinforcement and padding would be more desirable 

Intra-FIT Structural Firefighting Gloves, Professional Firefighter Gloves, Heat Resistance & Flame Resistance (Size: Large)
  • Eversoft Cowhide Tanned in US.
  • Moisture Barrier, Made in Europe.
  • Heat and flame resistant Modacrylic Liner, Made in US.
  • Assembled in China

3. Hysafety Cowhide Leather Firefighter Gloves

Hysafety Cowhide Leather Reinforced Palm Structural Firefighter Gloves

The Hysafety Cowhide Leather Firefighter Gloves are rarely the top pick on people’s lists, but I have to admit that these surprised me for the better, and I find that they are pretty effective and comfortable. 

They are made out of premium cowhide leather, making them incredibly durable and resistant. They are also NFPA certified, so they meet the necessary standards to be considered as firefighting equipment, which not all gloves can claim! 

They feature a decent waterproof layer, to keep your hands dry, and they also come with reinforced palms to increase the resistance.

They also have a stitched-in palm pattern which reduces the bulging of the palm when gripping, some pretty premium qualities that can easily go unnoticed! 

These gloves also have seamless fingertips, making them super comfortable to wear over prolonged amounts of time. Overall, they provide a great level of dexterity, and they’re effective. 

The only downside to these gloves, and the reason why they’re not at the top, is that the inside liner comes out really easily whenever you pull the gloves off, and that can be a pretty big hassle when in an intense situation. 


  • NFPA-certified, they meet the standards of firefighting equipment
  • Full cowhide leather exterior
  • Stitch-in palm for the reduced bulge in the grip 
  • One of the most affordable options, great value 
  • Enhanced dexterity and comfort 


  • An unstable inside liner that comes out too easily
  • Could have better reinforcement for resistance 

4. Ringers Gloves for High Intensity Jobs

Ringers Gloves R-347 Rescue Glove, Protection in High Intensity Jobs - First Responders, Rescue, Extrication, Hi-Vis, X-Large

The Ringers Gloves for High Intensity Jobs are not NFPA certified or approved as meeting the standards for firefighting equipment, so I want to make that absolutely clear from the very start. If you do use them, it needs to be with that in mind. 

However, they are very effective gloves for use when operating heavy machinery, with rescue extraction missions, with shipping and loading heavy products, with vehicle maintenance, and with other jobs that are high-intensity and risky.

They are made from 39% Nylon, 38% Rubber, 12% Polyurethane, and 11% Kevlar. They feature TPR impact protection on the top of the hand, and they have reinforced covering on the knuckles and fingers, for both durability and resistance.

They also have durable padded palm panels, and the fingertips come with reinforced stitching to avoid the gloves from tearing or wearing down too soon. 

The Ringers gloves also have a secured cuff closure, with a hook and loop, and a TPR pulls tab closure.

They are highly comfortable to wear over prolonged periods of time, and they come with reflective fingertips and high visibility colors, as an enhanced safety feature. 

So although they will not be used as fire fighting equipment in any official scenario, they are amazing for similar jobs and for providing a solid layer of protection to your hands. 


  • Great reinforcement and padding for durability and resistance
  • Secured cuff closure with hook and loop 
  • Comfortable and easy to wear over long amounts of time
  • Available in high visibility colors for safety 


  • Not NFPA-certified, not official firefighting equipment

5. Pro-Tech 8 Fusion PRO Structural Gloves

Pro-Tech 8 Fusion PRO Structural Glove

The Pro-Tech 8 Fusion PRO Structural Gloves are at the bottom of my list, but the only reason for that is that they are hardly ever available since they tend to sell out really fast.

But in regards to quality and effectiveness, I’d place them way higher up my list, as they’re a close competitor to my number one pick, the Dragon Fire Gloves. 

These gloves are considered to be pretty premium, and they are completely NFPA certified, so they comply with the standard for fire fighting equipment. 

They are made out of goatskin, instead of cowhide, which means that they are far more comfortable to wear and that they allow for better dexterity and mobility, all while being just as durable and resistant.

They are also reinforced in the palm and knuckles, with a kevlar layer to make them cut-resistant. The waterproof layer is also really good, making these gloves ideal for outdoor work.

The Pro-Tech 8 Fusion gloves also feature a unique and flexible 7-layer knuckle guard system, providing thermal protection and extra resistance to punctures. Overall, these gloves provide you with all the protection you need and more! 


  • NFPA-certified, they meet the standard for fire fighting equipment
  • Made with goatskin – highly resistant and enhanced dexterity 
  • Great reinforcement for cut-resistance and puncture-resistance
  • Unique 7-layer knuckle guard system 


  • Often not available due to high demand

Buyer’s Guide – What should you look for in firefighter gloves?

If this is your first time shopping for a pair of firefighting gloves, then you might not be fully acquainted with the different features and traits to look out for.

And since the aim is to get the best possible pair of gloves to suit your needs, then it’s pretty important to know the basics of what makes a good firefighting glove. 

Here are some of the most important factors that I like to take into consideration:

NFPA certification:

For firefighting gloves to officially meet the standards of firefighting equipment they need to be NFPA certified, so this is one of the first things to look for in gloves advertised for firefighting. 

If they are indeed NFPA certified then they meet the minimum requirements and are therefore safe to use and effective.

If they aren’t NFPA certified, they might still be really good gloves, but they don’t quite meet the requirements to be considered proper firefighting gloves, and therefore you should be wary of how and when you use them. 

Leather material:

All of the best firefighting gloves will ideally be made out of a leather exterior, as that is the best material for the job. A solid leather exterior will provide the best durability, as well as resistance to all sorts of external factors, including heat. 

The two nest leather options are cowhide and goatskin. Most firefighter gloves will be made out of cowhide, as this makes the gloves thick, durable, and very heavy-duty.

Cowhide is basically the go-to for gloves that are made to last for a long time, even with regular usage. Goatskin is more of an alternative, and not as common or as popular as cowhide.

It isn’t quite as durable, but it can be just as resistant, and the main advantage of goatskin is that it is far more flexible and therefore provides the gloves with superior dexterity. 

Reinforcement and resistance:

With use, firefighting gloves are prone to wearing down and becoming damaged, especially as they are intended for use in high-intensity situations and scenarios.

This is why it is so important to check how the gloves are reinforced, and the type of stitching or padding that they feature. 

Firefighting gloves should not be made to be pretty, they should be made to be practical and effective, so making sure they have reinforced fabric will prove as such. 


Usually the thicker the glove the better it is for protection. However, the risk of thicker gloves is that dexterity levels go down, and that’s a problem.

In high-intensity situations, you have to be able to move your hands properly so you’re in control of every single finger, and have the appropriate mobility. 

So it’s important to find a balance between protection and dexterity. Make sure the gloves are flexible, and that they offer enough mobility. 


In order for gloves to be effective firefighting equipment, they also have to be waterproof in an effective way. This is done through a waterproof layer in the inner layers.

They should also be resistant to moisture, and breathable. This way your hands will remain dry and comfortable. 

It’s important to double-check the waterproofing layer, as it is often overlooked and can easily cause problems. 


There are plenty of other factors to consider when choosing your firefighting gloves, like the many different added traits and features that help them become overall better. 

One of the things I would recommend you look out for is the color. Not so that it’s appealing, but so that it is high visibility, in order to enhance the safety.

You should also look for gloves that are easy to put on and off, that are a secure fit, and that are comfortable to wear over time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a glove strap?

This is completely up to you, as there are different opinions on whether a glove strap is necessary or not. What’s important is that the gloves are comfortable for you and that you’re able to keep them secure. 

I would personally recommend using a glove strap, as it can help keep the gloves on you, and it reduces the risk of dropping or losing them in a critical situation. 

What is a firefighting glove strap?

A firefighting glove strap is basically just a strap that attaches to the glove, in order to keep it attached to you, so that you don’t drop it or lose them.

The strap usually comes with a clip of some sort, so that you can attach the gloves to your belt or similar, and keep them on your person for when they are needed. 

Are firefighting gloves important? 

All pieces of firefighter equipment are incredibly important, as they all serve a purpose, and they all help keep the firemen safe and protected. Gloves are an incredibly important part of personal equipment, as firefighters use their hands a lot.

After all, it’s a very hands-on job, and in high-intensity situations, you never know what you might have to grab or hold or pull on. 


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